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15 min DIY Health & Wellbeing Checkups at Home


Thank you for your interest in the Vivrina service.  

We are currently considering a trial in the following area(s);

Collingham, Leeds, UK

Please register your interest on or before;

Monday 8th February 2021 

If enough interest is received we will contact you using the

email you have provided with details of the trial start date.

Register Interest

Thank you for registering your interest.

Register Interest


What are the terms of the trial offer?

You are under no obligation to accept an offer 

to trial the Vivrina service, and can decline to 

participate (or continue to participate) at any time.

We cannot guarantee that a trial will be available

to you, as this decision will be based in part on the amount of 

interest we receive in Vivrina in each area we consider

launching in.

We also reserve the right to decline to offer a trial to 

anyone, without providing a reason for doing so.

In addition a trial may be postponed or cancelled 

without notice.

Your personal data will not be shared with any  third 

parties, and used only by Sanandco Ltd to conduct the trial.

You will not be required to provide any payment/credit

card details to participate in the trial. 

Your Vivrina app profile is fully anonymous, and as such

your checkup results will not be personally identifiable to you.

How will the trial work?

A local agent will contact you via email to arrange 

a delivery date and time.

If you agree to proceed they will deliver a trial version

of the Vivrina checkup kit.

The agent will have cleaned the kit prior to delivery,

but you will need to sanitise it before use.

Inside the kit will be instructions on how to create

your free, and completely anonymous profile on the 

Vivrina app.  You can do this for any other members of 

your household and include them in the trial.

If you want to check out the Vivrina app, or create a profile in advance visit

Complete the checkup and input your results into the Vivrina app, and compare them with the guidance provided on usual/recommended ranges or values.

Your agent will contact you via  email within 48hrs hours of your delivery time to arrange collection of the checkup kit.

Two weeks later the above process will be repeated to

give you the opportunity to try the service twice in a

shortened space of time.

On collection of the checkup kit for a second time the

trial will be concluded.

Your agent will then email you asking you for feedback on the trial service, and your opinion on the layout of

an additional summary screen for the Vivrina app that will

be included in the commercial launch version.

At our discretion we may then offer trial participants

who have provided feedback a reduced first years annual subscription rate if the service is launched.

Who is running the trial?

We are a medical device design and development

company called Sanandco Ltd.

Our registered office is in Nottingham,UK  but 

our staff are home based in Leeds, UK.

Our core technology is a patented home telephone that monitors the user's vital signs as part of a scheduled call. 

It is currently going through the  medical device approval process, prior to commercial launch.

In March 2020 we were due to trial a multi-user

Wellness 'Hub' for corporate and sports club

environments incorporating our core remote monitoring technology - but the COVID-19 outbreak has now postponed this indefinitely.

The 'Hub' uploaded the user's resting fitness results to an

anonymous and secure web application called Vivrina.

Vivrina means 'Live with Joy'.

We are passionate about using the technology we

develop to help people live well - so we have 

re-developed  Vivrina to include regular

'rental' access to high quality health

monitoring devices from 

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